Coffee is a lifestyle

Coffee is a ritual.

A little morning indulgence.

“Fuel” for a new day. Rest. A talk. The language we all understand. An affair which makes up our lives. Daily life.

Sommeliers have made philosophy out of wine, and baristas out of espresso coffee. But for us coffee is not just philosophy; it is a way of life. At ours, in “Mala radionica kafe”, while you are waiting for a cup of your black potion, surrounded with the smell of fresh coffee, you witness magic our top baristas perform only for you and your pleasure. 

Our cafeteria is a place visited for coffee; for its taste, smell, aroma… Our cafeteria is a place where we enjoy the art of coffee, the art of a perfect cup of coffee, sometimes in company, sometimes on your own.

Whether you will have an espresso Italian style, swiftly, or you will opt for sipping your coffee in our traditional manner, the choice is yours, and we are there to share the love of coffee, and appeal to your senses.

Visit us!


Kikinda – 07h – 23h

Novi Sad – 08h – 22h


Kikinda – 08h – 23h

Novi Sad – 08h – 22h

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