A smart coffee instrument using precision scale and bluetooth technology. With Gina you can work on pour over, immersion and cold drip methods.

The only device you’ll need to make a great coffee

Gina contains a scale, a jug, a filter holder, a bluetooth connection with your phone, and your iOS and Android app so it’s all you’ll ever need to make a great filter coffee.

Pour Over

Pour over method of making a coffee is characterized by the pouring of water through the coffee bean, where the water passes through the coffee and falls directly into the decanter.


Immersion or infusion is a method of making coffee where the water is poured onto ground bean and is left together with the grain in the filter to receive the flavors, after which it is released into the decanter.

Cold drip

Cold drip is a method of making coffee with cold water or ice, where the ice is placed in a filter and it is released to dissolve directly through the coffee, after which it falls into the decanter.

How Gina works?


Gina contains the 4 most important things for making a good filter coffee: scale, pour over, immersion and cold drip.

Order Gina

Gina costs 30.000 dinars.

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