We in "Mala radionica kafe" strive to learn new things, advance, and be even better.
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A coffee bean is magic to us. There is nothing so simple and yet so complex as a coffee bean. One of the beautiful sides of coffee is that it is an inexhaustible source of knowledge for all those who are in touch with it.

Always going forward

Coffee is not a brand and does not come from Italy. Coffee is fruit that grows on trees in a tropical zone. The beans are collected once or twice a year depending on the season. That’s why coffee changes the taste from year to year, and the same kind of growth is constantly developing or losing its flavor.

Our daily work with green and roasted coffee provides us with experience and encourages us to constantly research and gather knowledge from everyone involved in the process, from farmers to baristas. We unselfishly invest everything we learn into our coffee, only for you!

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